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MSP-Start: Science and Math Applied Real-problem Teaching (SMART)


The Science and Math Applied Real-problem Teaching (SMART) project is a collaboration between the core partners Adelphi University, Westbury High School, and the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

The goal of the project is to enhance the quality of high school science and mathematics education in high-needs schools in Long Island, New York by (1) jointly developing a museum-based curriculum grounded in inquiry models of instruction and (2) building school capacity for ongoing professional development and build learning communities among math and science teachers.

The SMART project pairs high schools with a nearby science museum such that classes will be taught at the museums by teachers from the high school. This partnership enables teachers and students to gain an appreciation for how the material relates to the world around them by providing opportunities for students to make connections between theoretical science and real life experiences.

This project is jointly designing a grade 9 integrated physics/math course grounded in local interactive museum contexts, and build a collaborative network amongst teachers, museum educators and university faculty.

The program incorporates Physics First, an educational philosophy involving teaching physics at the beginning of the high school curriculum.